Mr Willie Wong Awarded ‘Spirit of Enterprise 2012 Honouree

21 Nov 2012
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We are pleased to announce Mr Willie Wong’s award as one of the Top 10 ‘Spirit of Enterprise 2012 Honourees’.

The Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) Award is an annual national award conferred to deserving business entrepreneurs to honour their outstanding achievements. It aims to recognize our local entrepreneurs’ courage, perseverance and innovation in their journey of entrepreneurship. Since its inception in Year 2003, SOE has gained prestige and recognition at the national level and within the local business community. It is a non-profit and donor-funded Institution of Public Character (IPC).

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Seizing new opportunities and recognizing potential business from a simple idea is he principle that has catapulted Mr Willie Wong to the success he has fashioned today. Busily responding to email pings and notifications whilst sitting comfortably in the large boardroom of WillieWong Group, the surroundings Willie inhabits today are a stark contrast to where his journey began. From a child growing up in rural Sarawak in the 1960's surrounded by blue skies and nature – sans electricity, running water or television, Willie grew up inhaling the natural environment and enjoying the simple life. As Willie grew older, relocating from the village to the city and embarking upon his studies, he soon realized that business opportunities surrounded him as long as he was determined and pro-active in securing them. With the desire firmly set to find opportunities that would enable him to reach his full potential within the workforce, Willie became a sponge, soaking up as much knowledge and information as he could and utilizing each opportunity that came his way. Willie began climbing his way to the peak of each role he secured, carving a successful name for himself and building upon his reputation until finally he solidified his business identity, creating his own investment holdings company – ‘WillieWong Group Pte Ltd’.