" It all takes time. I see every three to five years as crucial milestones. one year is nothing. Some dealings can take time and there is no shortcut. If you take shortcuts, you're relying largely on luck. "

WILL TO WIN… Igniting the entrepreneurial passion within

The true entrepreneurial spirit was apparent within Willie even in his teenage years. At 16, attending the final 2 years in secondary school in Lundu, a seaside town 70km away from Kuching, Willie teamed up with his brother to run mini-markets, selling food supplies and stationary to villages, schools and government tenders who lacked access to the city. It was evident that even in his youth, Willie had the motivation to earn money, find a job, and it was his aspiration that business opportunity was a path to get out of poverty so he can support both himself and his family. He was sharp and realized quickly that if there wasn’t a job available he would have to create one.

Read about Willie Wong’s exciting entrepreneurial journey as a Spirit of Enterprise 2012 Honouree featured in ‘WILL TO WIN… Igniting the entrepreneurial passion within’ - the book that celebrates 10 years of entrepreneurial excellence.