DBM makes new venture in Daya Teknologi

16 Aug 2019

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DBM is starting off 2019 in a very exciting way. Announcing the new venture into Daya Teknologi Sdn Bhd, a 70% joint venture, this new business unit is mainly focusing on Equipment, Instrumentation, Specialized Products and Processes.

Some examples are Filtration and Separation Products, UltraSonic Cleaning Products, Hydraulic Products & Components, Pumps & Accumulators.

Besides, Daya Teknologi is also actively involved in hydraulic system flushing, ultrasonic and chemical cleaning etc. for systems, equipment and tanks for the oil & gas and process industry, where it is already undertaking some major work with major clients . Daya Teknologi is expecting lots more synergy going hand-in-hand with its parent company, the DBM Group.