Swifty Homes Development Sdn Bhd

Company Profile

We began exploration into Swifty Homes™ back in 2008 and have since developed 5 successful bird houses.

Swifty Homes™ was established in 2010 and comprises of a team of experienced professionals dedicated to 3 aspects of our business model involving construction, development and marketing.

What We Offer

Identifying choice land and the development of eco-parks ideal for Swifty Homes™

Sharing investment opportunities with individuals/organisations to become part of this explosive industry.

Marketing of processed bird’s nests for the end consumers.

Our Principles

We are a profit based organisation to create a low risk investment product with the highest returns.

To achieve success, a strong foundation has to be established entailing;

- Profesionalism & Responsibility

- Trustworthy & Reliability

- Transparency & Dependability


Our Standards

We continue to achieve breakthrough results by our endless goal to improve to a greater level. This requires dedication and commitment towards our organisation’s core believes.

  • 1Protecting investors’ intrests
  • 2To create the highest return on investment
  • 3Continual expansion to leverage on economies of scale