LMES iConnectWe (ICW)


Digital Empowerment of Rural/Semi Urban areas through High Speed connectivity and create an opportunity for Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, IOT, Enterprise in Semi urban and Rural India Focussing on customer experience via smart enhancements Complementing story for the Telco operators for last mile connectivity, working towards MVNO model

Leading digital connectivity player for creating customer experience, with more than 25,000 Public Wi Fi Hotspots and 200,000+ Connected Homes in the next 3 years

Internet Service Provider (ISP) License for four states:

  • Rajasthan (Class B)
  • Jammu (Class C)
  • Punjab (Class B)
  • Delhi

Successful vendor for implementation of Jammu Smart City Wi Fi Po C” by JSCL, for deploying Public Wi Fi Hotspots at 4 locations in Jammu city in Aug’2020

Focus on expansion in Jammu and Punjab areas, for FTTH Home/SMB enterprise

Location based Wi Fi ad campaign; in advanced discussion with Nestle, ITC

Inventory selling ad campaign run for “ Dr. Lalpath labs ” in Rajasthan