Fragrance Laundry Systems

FRAGRANCE Laundry Systems Sdn Bhd is a laundry establishment which evolved from Aiza Cleaning Services and Fragrance Laundry & Cleaning Services Sdn Bhd which were engaged in various types of laundry and cleaning services since the year 2009. Today FRAGRANCE Laundry Systems is proud to launch the first sizeable commercial laundry plant running an operation centre with a square area of about 8900 sqft in Sarawak to meet the demand of the rapid growth of the booming hotel and healthcare industries. In the process, it creates employment opportunities in the community as well as enhancing the degree of hygiene with professional cleaning approach.

FRAGRANCE started off as a laundry and cleaning service provider and was engaged in providing laundry services to the cross section of the market which encompasses the accommodation, food & beverage and health & wellness industries such as hotels and hostels, restaurant, reflexology & spa and bridal trade outlets in Kuching and Samarahan Divisions. Our comprehensive services include laundry processes ranging from spots treatment to washing, drying, folding and ironing of linen & clothing employing advanced automated machines, and also hands on manual handling for refined laundry items

Over the years, our range of services has progressed from handling personal & household laundry cleaning at domestic level right up to commercial and gradually to industrial & institutional laundry cleaning standards. To date our clientele has expanded to corporates clients including hotels, government & private agencies such as learning institutions, training centers and hospitals as well.