WWG Technologies

Industrial materials supply is a fundamental supply sequence function that includes supply planning and execution processes. Specifically, it is the capability of an organization to plan the total material supply and client requirements. The material requirements are communicated to procurement and other functions for sourcing and responsible for determining the amount of material to be deployed at each stocking location across. Communicating information regarding material needs throughout the extended sequence is the main essence and critical part in the material supply management. The primary business objective of Materials supply Management is assured supply of material, optimum inventory levels and minimum deviation between planned and actual results. The goal of the supplying organisation is to provide an unbroken chain of components for production and use on time for customers. The concerned department is indicated on with releasing the requested materials to a supply base, ensuring that the materials are delivered on time to the company using the proper mode of transport. We at WWG are the recognised suppliers for oil and gas industries, heavy machine industries and other advanced industrial manufacturers in and around the region.