Daya Bumimaju Sdn Bhd

Daya Bumimaju has been established since April 2004 and specializes in critical equipment refurbishment and overhaul, engineering project and product design, development, manufacturing and management in the South East Asia region for oil and gas industry. Its business activities are focused on optimizing the performance of designs, coatings, materials, methodologies and standards for specific applications by the control of the manufacturing processes. The company provides full service engineering work covering design, development, prototyping, production, assembly, systems integration, outsourcing programs in end-to-end MRO (Maintenance, Repair, overhaul) services, precision turnkey manufacturing services and just-in-time deliveries. With more than 100 man-years of experience and demonstrated track records, the company has built up a solid foundation and reputation for the best-quality products and/or systems for the petrochemical and energy industries. It provides engineering sourcing, procurement and supply to international customers with its wide network in Asia countries. In additional, Daya Bumimaju offers engineering turnkey projects to ensure on time delivery with best in class quality and standard.

Daya Bumimaju is positioned to become an international company that will be highly profitable with wide range of engineering products and services that serving the oil & gas and other related industries such as power generation and marine. International branding will be one of its key focuses to success.

Since 2004, the current management has built up in-depth industry knowledge, technologies and methodologies. This includes core competency such as design, machining, engineering and surface enhancement technologies. Its core strength is relying of improving the system through selection of materials. When the company participates in field of Maintenance, Refurbishment and Overhaul (MRO), it is not only able to prolong the lifespan of the system but at the same time offers improvement in performance with fraction of cost if replacing the whole system. Many multinational companies have qualified Daya Bumimaju in offering their engineering services with its good reputation and stringent industry standards and practices that has been enforced.

Company is constantly engaging in new products and services development. Notably, the company is looking at acquiring capability in providing critical components to the subsea operation in oil and gas industry which is deem to be the most challenging in terms of oil and gas operation management coupled with weather and safety requirements. Further, the company is looking offering turnkey solution in enhancing the safety operation in oilrig environment.

Unlike most of the traditional services provider in South East Asia, Daya Bumimaju plans to offer a full-integrated solution (from upstream to downstream). Its business model will ensure long-term sustainability.