Incite Innovations Sdn. Bhd.


We provide comprehensive Fintech, Retail Management and Marketing solutions to businesses in Southeast Asia, such as proprietary CRM and POS systems, alternative funding, fintech-enabled procurement system, and integrated payment gateway.


The ever-changing business landscape presents complex and multifaceted challenges for companies in 2023 and beyond. Rapidly changing market dynamics, technological disruptions, and talent shortages create a difficult environment to navigate. These challenges, coupled with uncertain funding situations, often force companies to cut back on investments and transformative initiatives, putting them at a disadvantage against their competitors. Staying competitive requires agility, adaptability, and a willingness to embrace change while investing in innovative technologies and strategies. At Incite Innovations (“Incite”), we believe that businesses of all sizes have the potential to grow and achieve greater success. We offer a full suite of services and solutions that enable companies to increase their business prowess and profits, particularly those in the retail and F&B sectors.

Our expertise lies in synthesizing new technologies, best practices, and market intelligence to design people-centered solutions across four verticals that meet the shifting demands in an increasingly complex business environment. Designed to help businesses optimize operational efficiency and drive business growth, our three verticals are Finance Technology, Retail Technology, and Lifestyle Ventures.

Finance Technology

  • Fundraising
  • Working Capital Financing
  • Supply Chain Financing

Retail Technology

  • Procurement System
  • Logistics Management System
  • Customers Experience System
  • Cloud CRM System
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Branding & Advertising Solutions

Lifestyle Ventures

  • Food & Beverage Consultation
  • Licensing Partnership
  • Labels and Certifications