AV Solutions Integrate Sdn Bhd


AV Solutions is a national, full- service supplier of audio-visual, staging and technical support for conferences, meeting, exhibitions, trade shows and other events. The company provides the latest in video, audio and lighting equipment and their core competencies lie in AV systems integration for the MICE industry both locally and internationally. Founded in 1997 with more than 10 years of industry success, AV Solutions is committed to providing a superior audio visual staging experience for the MICE Industry. AV Solutions’ strong points lie in Convention Services and Staging.

Convention Services

AV Solutions covers a wide range of offerings under Convention Services. Should exhibitions take place at multiple venues, their on-site staff has the experience and resources to coordinate seamless operations anywhere. AV Solutions provides comprehensive computer equipment for general sessions, meeting rooms and exhibit booths. Their highly skilled technicians will work with you to ensure that each piece of equipment works together seamlessly. Maintaining consistent, efficient and detailed service levels is their key to satisfaction. They make sure that all supporting presentation materials are set up and working properly before the presenter arrives at the venue. Additionally, AV Solutions offers an interactive audience participation tool to help engage your attendees in each session and gauge ROI. Lastly, AV Solutions provides consultation on concept development, design and integration for a complete offering.


At AV Solutions, their on-site Project Managers are your single point of contact, from set up to tear down. With 15 years of experience in audio-visual staging, they have the skills to manage every event, whether it is a single venue or multiple venues. Along with their state-of-the-art video and audio inventory, they also offer a full line of lighting equipment along with a dedicated and experienced lighting consultant. Their professional lighting consultants will create innovative and attractive lighting designs to complement your event. AV Solutions provides strong project management support even prior to the event to make it a success, offering creative services that go beyond equipment and technicians. Specialists at AV Solutions are able to provide you with room diagrams and Meeting Matrix drawings, mapping out various room set-up options for your selection